1994 大阪アセンス美術にて初個展、大阪・東京・パリにて活動を始める
東京 色彩学校にてワークショップ講師、出版物のアートワークを担当
2000 Paris_Boutique Paris MuséeよりCard作品が発売
2002 水彩作品をファブリックに展開する 「nani IRO Textile」 をプロデュースし発表
ADC(東京アートディレクターズクラブ)年鑑 入選_Design Akiko Masunaga
2003 ユニセフ年賀はがきに水彩画を提供
TDC(東京タイプディレクターズクラブ)年鑑 入選_Design Akiko Masunaga
2004 Paris_Hotel Bel AmiにてExhibition/ヨーロッパにてTextileの取り扱い開始
ヘアメイクショウ 「ドゥアン」 の衣装担当
2005 Paris_BONTONにてExhibition
JOURNAL STANDARD Chistmas ART work製作、コラボレーションアイテム
2006 アスティエ・ド・ヴィラッドとのコラボレーションExhibition 「3つのテーブル」 開催
Ficelleより NAOMI ITO Babyライン開始
Solo Exhibition 「U.ta.」 @大阪本庄西 iTohen
2007 著書 「nani IRO Textile Book」 JAGDA(日本グラフィックデザイナー協会)年鑑 入選_ Design Akiko Masunaga
「おとのは学園 」 @大阪茨木 園名、園内作品、装飾を担当
2008 著書 「nani IRO Textile Book」 ブルノ国際ビエンナーレ入選_Design Akiko Masunaga
韓国の僧侶 法頂禅師の著書 「美しい結び」 他4冊の装丁を担当
2010 第一子出産 拠点を伊賀上野に移す
2012 ショップ 「ATELIER to naniRO 」@大阪京町堀 ディレクションに携わる
2013 ITSURA展 伊賀のアトリエから 三重県立上野高等学校 明治校舎(三重県指定有形文化財)にて発表
2014 ITSURA TEXTILE SENSE OF ELEMENT Vol.1 発表_Direction 山本忠臣(gallery yamahon)
NHK ドラマ10「さよなら私」ポスター、タイトルロール、エンディングの映像画を担当
2015 NHK阪神・淡路大震災20年「あの日を胸に 生きる」タイトルロゴ、映像画を担当
「いぶきの丘 学園」@大阪茨木 園名、マークを担当
詩を描く(ITSURA books) 、stacksto
2016 「普段の奇跡」Exhibition @iTohen、Yae ito +Naomi ito Exhibihion @SENSART-Gallery
「家×クラフト展」@galley-mamma mia
Dress展 Hermaphrodite より
2017 naniIRO Textile 展 @ Lokal ヘルシンキ
BEAU Yin Yang de naniIRO 発表
2018 Anu Tuominen & Naomi Ito Textile 発表
「ATELIER to naniIRO のソーイングクローゼット」(文化出版局)2カ国翻訳版
しおさいこども園 園名、クラス名、アートピース制作
2019 ○△□茶会 @武家屋敷赤井家
BON no iris展 @ARABON
2020 「ときのはこども園、うたさくこども園」 園名、アートピース制作
BEAU Yin Yang de naniIRO Ⅱ
2021 「ATELIER to naniIRO 季節をまとう一年の服」文化出版局

Naomi Ito

Watercolorist and textile designer

1994 Had first solo exhibition at “Gallery Athens” in Osaka, and starts her career in Osaka, Tokyo and Paris
Her watercolor artwork was made into a limited edition print by A.P.J. (Art Print Japan), and released in countries throughout Europe and Asia
Worked as a workshop instructor and was in charge of publication artworks for Shikisai Gakko in Tokyo
2000 Card works were released from Boutique Paris Musée, Paris
2002 Launched her textile label “nani IRO Textile”, which prints watercolor artworks onto fabrics
The art book featuring her works designed by Akiko Msuanaga was selected to be featured in the ADC (Tokyo Art Directors Club) Annual Publication
2003 Provided a watercolor artwork for Unicef New Year’s Cards
The art book featuring her works designed by Akiko Msuanaga was selected to be featured in TDC (Tokyo Type Directors Club) Annual Publication
2004 Had an exhibition at the Hotel Bel Ami in Paris, and started to sell her textile label, nani IRO Textile in Europe
Was the costume director for the hair/makeup show “Deux Un”
2005 Exhibition at Bonton in Paris
Produced Journal Standard’s Christmas Artwork, which toured in 4 cities, and also released collaborative items for sale at Journal Standard’s store
2006 Collaborative Exhibition with Astier de Villatte “The Three Tables”
Launched Naomi Ito Babies line from Ficelle
Solo exhibition “U.ta.” at iTohen gallery in Osaka
2007 “nani IRO Texile Book” designed by Akiko Masunaga was selected to be featured in JAGDA(Japan Graphic Designers Association) Annual Publication
In charge of naming & providing the artworks and decorations for the nursery school “Otonoha Gakuen” in Ibaraki City, Osaka
2008 “nani IRO Textile Book” designed by Akiko Masunaga was selected for the International Biennal of Graphic Design Brno
Released a book of watercolor paintings called “Utau Yubisaki (Singing Fingertips)”
Designed 5 books by the Korean Zen master, Popchong including “A Beautiful Closing”
2010 Gave birth to her first child, and relocated to Iga-Ueno
Released collaborative items with Sunshine + Cloud
2012 Supervised the launch of a shop for her label “nani IRO Textile” − “Atelier to nani IRO” in Kyomacyibori, Osaka
2013 Participated in the Itsura Show “From an Atelier in Iga” at Ueno Agricultural High School of Mie Prefecture’s Meiji Schoolhouse (a designated Mie Prefectural culture site)
2014 Exhibition “Itsura Sense of Element Vol.1” Directed by Tadaomi Yamamoto of Gallery Yamahon
Provided the artwork for the promotional poster and the opening and ending sequences of NHK’s drama “Sayonara Watashi (Goodbye Me)”
2015 Designed the title logo and provided the artwork featured in NHK’s “The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 20th Anniversary special: Living with the Day in my heart”
In charge of naming & symbol design for the nursery school “Ibukinooka Gakuen” in Ibaraki City, Osaka